We believe that products should be produced in the right place.
In certain cases, production in China offers the lowest cost.
In such cases we choose to produce parts there.
Our factory is located in Ningbo, China. We can offer in-house production with a variety of machine tools, or purchase parts from partners, and we always take responsibility for quality, delivery, etc.


Reassurance is not a term generally associated with imports, since there are many possible pitfalls.
We act as a guarantor, so if there are delays in Asia we start up production in Sweden and ensure delivery on time to you.
At our facility in Ningbo we manufacture, inspect, assemble and coordinate logistics.
This is reassurance.


We established a base in China in 2007 and have a very effective team of skilled staff with long experience in purchasing, project management, materials and quality assurance. This means we can take on challenges and help you find the best process or manufacturing method.
In other words we have a well-developed logistics chain and well-oiled routines.
This is a clear benefit for you.


Our unit in China is naturally also certified to SS-EN ISO-14001:2015 och IATF 16949:2016.

Hörle Automatic

Hörle Automatic